Design and works with jewels

One piece at a time

The world’s finest jewelry is handmade. To be considered “Handmade Jewelry” it item must be fabricated from raw metal by a jewelry artist, using only tools that are controlled by hand.

Rare commodity

It is for this reason that jewelry connoisseurs everywhere know handmade jewelry is the benchmark for fine jewelry. In these days of mass production, master jewelers and model makers are a rare commodity.

The lost art

The lost art of jewelry making fine handmade jewelry requires highly skilled labor to manually control tools and to transform precious metals and gemstones into works of art.

Life ambition

We are happy to report that the lost art of creating handmade jewelry is alive with us. Creating jewelry by hand from platinum, gold, diamonds and precious gems is the life ambition of our jewelers.

First contact of Lampros Maris with jewellery, was at the age of 12, wοrking as artisan in a goldsmith’s workshop, learning the art of jewellery creation. The passion and love for jewellery leading him, in a young age, to open his own workshop in Athens and at the same time joined in sales.

His business thinking led him to Agios Nikolaos, in Crete, where he opened his first jewellery store in 1976.

After almost 50 years of continuous activity, in the same place, this small store has expanded and today dominates one of the largest and most imposing Jewellery Stores in Europe. The company Lampros Maris SA has also a workshop in Athens and a branch at the hotel Elounda Beach Resort & Villas.

Lampros Maris SA jewellery stores have a large handmade variety of jewelry and lots of famous and luxury brands in the industry of goldsmith. Furthermore, it represents the top-selling watch brands in the world.


The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.


Quality never goes out of style.


Handmade jewelry are made with love and have their own story!


A solution to your gold and diamond desire.